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The Congress aims to bring together scholars, practitioners, decision-makers, students, and other potential attendees from public, private, and non-profit sectors from all fields relevant to the landscape ecology. It will serve as a key platform for meeting, discussing, and exchanging experiences within the landscape ecology community across Europe and beyond.

The IALE 2025 European Landscape Ecology Congress will be organised to offer in-person attendance.

The Congress will focus on Landscape Perspectives in a Rapidly Changing World. The congress themes underscore the importance of holistic, theoretical and empirical, data-driven approaches to understanding and managing of all types of landscapes in the context of rapid environmental and societal changes, as follows:
Theme 1. Understanding ongoing and emergent drivers and pressures of landscape change
Theme 2. Monitoring the landscape conditions and impact of landscape change
Theme 3. Responding to changing landscapes
Theme 4. Advancing with new data, tools and methods in landscape ecology.

We welcome proposals for symposia and workshops and consider them key element to engaging all participants of the Congress. We encourage symposium organisers to consider formats that stimulate active involvement of participants and inspire discussions.

Symposium: Symposia are essential components of the Congress for presenting and discussing current research avenues in landscape ecology. Submit a 300-word abstract for a symposium proposal; the topic should align with at least one of the congress themes. Symposia may combine invited speakers and/or open to presentations from the call for abstracts. Symposia organisers will be responsible for identifying speakers and presenters, moderating the symposium, as well as adhering to guidelines and deadlines stipulated by the Congress Organising Committee. The session format can be organised, for example, as a round table discussion, panel session, a mix of full and flash presentations followed by discussions or any other interactive format.

Workshop: Pre-conference workshops are important opportunities for knowledge sharing on aspects such as conceptual knowledge, methods and technical skills, scientific writing or other research skills. All workshops will take place on Monday, 1st of September and could be organised as half-day activities. Workshops will be in-person and involve “hands-on” activities. We particularly encourage proposals that are of interest to early-career scientists. Workshop proposals should include a 300-word abstract.

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