The IALE 2025 European Landscape Ecology Congress will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia on 2-5 September 2025. The Congress will be an important opportunity for the landscape ecology community across Europe and beyond to meet, discuss and exchange experiences. The congress aims to connect researchers, experts from all disciplines related to landscape, students, decision-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders interested.

Landscape is changing all the time and changes are inherent to landscape. Alongside widely acknowledged drivers such as demographic changes, urbanisation, climate change, and European and local policies, recently emerged the rapid and unpredictable events causing changes in the society and in the landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic, the steep rise of artificial intelligence and digitalization, armed conflicts in our neighbourhood, the energy crisis and the economic recession have all unfolded in a rather short period of time. These events operate on broad spatial scales, or even globally, and they all have direct or indirect impact on the landscape. They brought a greater degree of uncertainty in predicting future landscape developments and new challenges, including challenges for conceptual, methodological and application aspects of landscape ecology. Furthermore, a new challenge and maybe even an opportunity for professional teams and individuals from the field of landscape research is the use of artificial intelligence in landscape planning and in searching for solutions to landscape-related problems.

The IALE 2025 European Landscape Ecology Congress aims to address landscape perspectives in today`s rapidly changing world. It will focus on the role of landscape ecology in reflecting these changes, studying them, and predicting their impacts on both landscapes and society. It will delve into implications of these changes for future landscape development and sustainability. Therefore, we invite landscape ecologists from Europe and beyond to explore and discuss these issues together. Please save the date and help distribute this initial information to colleagues and other potential attendees.

The IALE 2025 European Landscape Ecology Congress is organised by Institute of Landscape Ecology SAS and Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University Bratislava in partnership with European and Czech Republic Associations for Landscape Ecology (IALE-Europe and IALE-CZ).